Wild Imaginings

Wild Imaginings

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Rest of the World

Weird, wacky & wonderful songs by Rob Parkinson

‘Fantastic…. We like it all loads.’ – Jemma (6) and Harry (9)

‘An excellent collection of vibrant, imaginative songs.’ – John Rice, poet


This funny, silly and very engaging recording is packed with invention, from the truly wild imaginings of the lyrics to simmering, sizzling background effects and wacky instrumental tracks. Classic fantasy narrative songs like Winston and the Wolves and Pandora’s Potion paint vivid word pictures whilst comic list songs tickle and delight. Huge fun and a marvellous spur to imagination and intelligent, creative listening.

Track Listing

  • Cary’s Candybars
  • Winston and the Wolves
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  • My Animal Friends
  • Japes
  • Don’t Go Near the Gloon
  • The Saucy Sal Spaceship
  • The Being that Couldn’t Be – Bird Blues
  • Rowdins are Coming
  • Don’t Tell Anyone
  • Vincent the Voice
  • Pandora’s Potion
  • Witches’ Waltz
  • Crazy Christmas Cards
  • The Cat Song
  • Dance for a Sprite & Two Monsters
  • More More Mogey
  • Mogey’s Acrobatic Rag