Transforming Tales and Powerful Stories

Transforming Tales and Powerful Stories

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Transforming Tales: Written by an expert storyteller, Transforming Tales brings together over 90 short stories, from traditional fables to fascinating modern yarns, identifying the hidden patterns storytellers use to captivate attention and revealing how truths are often encapsulated in myths, jokes and fairy stories. The book focuses on the therapeutic value of such stories and how they can instigate real change in people’s lives. Trade secrets are also revealed to show you everything you need to know to create vibrant, memorable, original stories and short metaphors for yourself.

Powerful Stories: A marvellous extended resource for anyone using stories with changes in mind, from therapists counsellors and educationalists to people simply interested in fascinating new perspectives. Learn about stories, how they can affect the mind and even the body, how to tell them and how to use them. Learn a whole repertoire of very powerful and adaptable tales, from folk and fairy tales to modern yarns and jokes. Or listen just to be carried away into worlds of imagination.