Three Angles on an Awakening Kiss

Three Angles on an Awakening Kiss

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“As ever, Rob’s eloquent, stimulating and highly readable style ensure that these essays are not only enlightening but extremely entertaining.” – John Rice, Kent Arts Now magazine

“Get it, read it, think on it.” – Pete Castle, Facts & Fiction magazine


These three extraordinary linked pieces for the Society for Storytelling’s Oracle series lay out the ground for a very practical but far-reaching idealism in modern storytelling. Drawing on Rob’s time as SfS Chair, as a promoter of storytelling and his broad experience as a teller of tales, Rob takes a critical look at the storytelling scene and at storyteller’s motives and introduces some fascinating concepts for storytellers to consider, from torque and focus to duende, stringing and tapestry. Most centrally perhaps, he stresses the vital importance of ‘awakening the sleeping royal’, the really vital inner part of the listener – and he manages to be eloquently entertaining at the same time. A must-read for anyone serious about storytelling.