The Wonderful Store

The Wonderful Store

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Cat no. IJ101

Rest of the World

Strange, fantastical & ridiculous songs by Rob Parkinson

‘It’s just the best. Really really funny and cool…’ – Jason Marks (age 8)


The hilarious, imaginative and hugely entertaining songs in this incredible collection go on delighting listeners. From zany fantasy lyrics with silly background effects like the title song to fun narrative songs such as Fred the Dragon and Gregory’s Ghoul, The Wonderful Store is filled with original, whimsical and absurd surprises. It’s a set to be listened to again and again.

Track Listing

  • The Wonderful Store
  • The Underwater Song
  • Gregory’s Ghoul
  • Tall Stories
  • Jig for a Genial Genie
  • Ho Ho Harrihum
  • It’s the Bungool
  • Fred The Dragon   Listen Listen below
  • My Fantastic Family
  • Uncle Jack’s Inventions
  • Bobo’s Last Frolic
  • When Bonzo Started Digging
  • Magic Crackers


This collection appeals across a broad age range – from around 4 years old to 12, and even beyond!