Powerful Stories – 2 x CDs

Powerful Stories

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A marvellous extended resource for anyone using stories with changes in mind, from therapists counsellors and educationalists to people simply interested in fascinating new perspectives. Learn about stories, how they can affect the mind and even the body, how to tell them and how to use them. Learn a whole repertoire of very powerful and adaptable tales, from folk and fairy tales to modern yarns and jokes. Or listen just to be carried away into worlds of imagination.

CD1 The Chinese Swordsman

The Chinese Swordsman explores the art and craft of storytelling through a series of tales, joined seamlessly with approachable, engaging explanation. Find out how to use stories, the kinds of effects they can have and how the metaphors in them communicate. Understand more about the metaphorical mind, the relation between stories and dreams, story psychology, how to develop your own natural storytelling skills and much more.

CD2 The Enchanting Bird

The Enchanting Bird is a treasure chest of powerful stories, carefully arranged to give an imaginative and inspiring experience of stories told by a master storyteller. You will be able to return to again and again and find new levels to this material. Notes on the CD liner give hints about possible uses for each tale.

  • The Chinese Swordsman (Chinese story)
  • The Swordsman & the Enchanting BirdListen Listen
  • Lakshmi & Vishnu (Indian story)
    Listen Listen
  • Mbala
  • Tall Stories
  • The Poor Man Who Became Rich Through a Dream (trad.’universal’ tale)
  • Dreams & Schemes: Some Theories
  • The Tray & the Cockerel (Reframing); The Three Gifted Wives (West African Story): Dilemma Tales
  • The Diamonds & the Mine
  • The Talisman (Trad. European Story)
  • The Carpenter’s Sign: using contemporary anecdotes
  • The Way you Tell ’em: Language and Style for Rapport
  • The Silk Scarf (English Legend)
  • The Enchanting Bird
  • The Elephant in the Dark
  • More Light
  • The Noisy House
  • The Old Mill
  • It Ain’t Me
  • The Tiger’s Whisker
  • Quick Tales
    The Road (Walk, The Optimist, Roof or Walls, Displacement, The Hole)
  • The Other Room
  • The Beggar Minister
  • The Other Island
  • The Tailor’s Two Assemblings
    Listen Listen
  • More Quick Tales (Easy Assumptions, Getting Up, The Possible, Your Breath)
  • Two Tales of Conversion: The Snake/The Fox & the Preacher
  • Good Luck/Bad Luck
  • Sindbad & the Old Man
  • Millstream Blues