Just Imagine

Just Imagine

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‘Fantastic… I use it on the train, at home and even on holiday.’ – Sarah Worthington (IT Executive)


Without training, the mind is like a whole lot of monkeys jumping up and down in a tree – Eastern saying

A powerful self-explanatory audio course that teaches ‘monkey-training’ imagination skills in a refreshingly straightforward way. You can learn to understand your imagining style, to access your natural relaxation resources, to create your own quicksilver imaginings, to develop a clearer personal focus and to use imagination to achieve specific goals. It is designed for repeated use anywhere it is possible to turn off from the outside world and focus inwards.

Track Listing

  • Introducing imagination    Listen Listen
  • Personal focus
  • What’s your imagining style
  • The special place
  • Quicksilver rationale
  • Quicksilver 1: Acceptance
  • Quicksilver 2: Healing
  • Quicksilver 3: Sharpener
  • Quicksilver summary
  • Floating perspectives
  • The climb
  • Doors & chests