Imagine On

Imagine On

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Rest of the World

‘It was like going to another country and coming back with all sorts of stuff to talk about.’ – Sian Simpson (11)

‘It all works so well. So pleasing to see our students really fired up about using their imaginations.’ – Mike Dawson (teacher)


Daydreaming is fun because anything is possible. In good story making and telling you imagine on in the same way, allowing the dreaming part of the mind licence to wander, with some guidance from motifs and plots. In these fun guided multi-sensory picturings and games, you can explore the marvels and mysteries of The Golden Staircase, Castles in the Air, Miracle Markets, The Gallery of Living pictures and many more. Daydreaming talents are used in positive and stimulating ways and the picturings can even be linked to make an extended fantasy quest tale.