Fabulous Fables

Fabulous Fables

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Witty and wise tales from world traditions with Rob Parkinson

‘I’d never realised that fables could be such fun. We love it.’ – Jane Jenkins


Twenty fabulous fables from around the world, updated and linked together in racy, exciting style by storyteller and musician Rob Parkinson, who also plays the many unusual instruments used to frame the stories. These are fables as you never heard them before – witty, wise, immediate and fantastic at the same time, told with wry humour, infectious enthusiasm and energy. Children will enjoy the marvellous imaginative experience, absorbing some subtle lessons for life. Adults will appreciate anew the beguiling wit and the many layers of resonant and rewarding metaphor in these ancient teaching tales, culled from some of the great treasuries of world literary and oral tradition.

Track Listing

  • Intro: Ants & rice (Japan)
  • Four wise men (from the Indian Vetala Tales) plus 2 sayings (Italian & Turkish)
  • Heracles & Quarrel (Aesop)
  • The Dog & the bone (Aesop) plus The Girl & the mirror (joke – anon)
  • The red & the blue (West African)
  • The girl & the eggs (European)
  • The fox & the goat (based on Aesop)    Listen Listen
  • The otters & the jackal (Jataka tales)
  • The cormorant & the star (anon)
  • Catching monkeys (Indian trad.) plus 3 monkeys (riddle – anon)
  • The frogs & the snake (from the Indian Panchantantra) plus saying (Arabian)
  • The king who was loved (anon European) plus saying (Persian)
  • The 3 enchantresses & the forest (West African dilemma tale)
  • The oak & the reed (Aesop)
  • The crow & the jug (Aesop)
  • The boys & the vase (Chinese)
  • The idol (based on Aesop)
  • The ploughman & the tree (based on Aesop)